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Your vehicles suspension is essentially what connects the vehicle to its wheels. Without good working suspension, your vehicle will not have stability, making your drive dumpy and uneven. iTAN dealers can perform the following services to help your suspension:

To ensure that your suspension on your vehicle is working properly, we will give your suspension a proper alignment so your vehicle is able to function properly and safely. If you feel your vehicle pulling to the side, making grinding or clunking noises, you may require an alignment.

Ball Joints
Almost every vehicle uses ball joints, which can be used in your suspension and tie rod ends. Ball joints need to be assessed by a technician to ensure they are in good condition.

Steering, suspension shocks and shop absorbers are an important part of your suspension that should be inspected regularly to make sure they are working properly and giving stability and a smooth ride for all passengers. If shocks aren’t maintained they can wear down and impact other parts of your vehicle like:

  • Cause your vehicle to bounce in quick and hard braking conditions due to the tires not making enough contact with the road
  • Cause premature tire wear
  • Effect stopping distances and stability of the vehicle

A suspension strut combines the primary function of a shock absorber and the ability to add support to the chassis. If you find your vehicle shaking or bouncing after hitting a pot hole or bump, you may require service.

 Control Arms
Control arms are hinged suspension links between the chassis and the suspension.

Without steering, your vehicle is useless and dangerous. If you ever feel your vehicle pulling to the side, you need to get your steering inspected.

Bushings in your suspension are usually created from synthetic rubber and separate metal objects while still allowing some degree of movement. Bushings allow the suspension parts to move freely when you drive over a bump and also reduces grinding noises and small vibrations.

Seen from the front or back of your vehicle, the camber is located between the vertical axis of the wheels and vehicle. The camber is the angle made by the wheels of your vehicle.

Wheel bearings
Having wheel bearings make your ride more stable and smooth when driving your vehicle. They allow the wheel on your car or truck to spin without making much friction. They are steel balls surrounded by a metal ring called a race. If you experience discomfort while driving and hear unfamiliar noises you should bring your car in to get the wheel bearings looked at.