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Tire Storage in Oakville

If you live in Canada you should have multiple sets of tires for the summer and winter seasons. At Autobahn Logic we believe that having proper tire storage is important to maintain tire quality and longevity. Simply stacking your tires on the garage floor for the season is not a good idea. Contact our shop today to hear about our proper tire storage options – whether it’s your winter tires, all season tires or summer tires you won’t need to worry about their condition. Contact us today to store your tires and keep them in the best condition possible, so they are ready to hit the road next season!

The Importance of Keeping Your Tires Properly Stored

As mentioned above, it’s easy to assume that just stacking your tires in the garage when they are not in use is proper storage. The truth is that keeping your tires in the best condition possible take a little more than that.

In order to make sure your tires will be ready to go next season you should always:

  • Clean your tires before storing to remove any dirt or debris
  • Store the tires in a cool, dry, space that is free from direct sunlight and protected from the elements
  • Tires should be stored in a temperature controlled space, so they don’t get too hot or cold
  • Ensure tires will not come into contact with any solvents, fuels, or other liquids while in storage
  • Keep your tires away from any external pressure or tension to prevent them from cracking
  • Rotate the pile of tires every four weeks to ensure equal pressure on all sides