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Dick Cepek

Highlights of Dick Cepek Tires

  • ​Over half a century of experience designed off-road tires
  • Strong track record of durability and control
  • The go-to-tires for off-road driving enthusiasts

Dick Cepek

Dick Cepek has been creating one of the best off-road tires since 1963. Ever since, they have been known as a favourite to off roading, truck and SUV drivers. We have a wide range of light truck and SUV tires and we will gladly help you choose a set of tires that fit your vehicle the best.

In the beginning, Dick Cepek created the tires himself to enhance his own off-road vehicle. His designs gained popularity with family and friends, pushing him to set up a full time manufacturing facility for his tires geared towards getting off-road enthusiasts on and off the trails.

Dick Cepek tires have a strong track record for being durable, long lasting and made for off-road drivers. The tires are engineered by off road drivers, so fellow off-roaders believe and trust the brand and their latest technology.


Dick Cepek was famous for using the tires he created, so customers knew the products being offered were top performing products. The aggressive treads and reinforced sidewalls on each model help drivers tackle rough terrain. Dick Cepek lineup includes:

  • Dick Cepek Crusher OTR Tires
  • Dick Cepek Mud Country OTR Tires
  • Dick Cepek Fun Country OTR Tires

Dick Cepek Crusher OTR Tires
Dick Cepek Mud Country OTR Tires
Dick Cepek Fun Country OTR Tires