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Ultra High Performance Tires

Are you a driving enthusiast who wants to make the most of your luxury or sport vehicles? Ultra-High Performance tires are for you! These tires are engineered for maximum grip, maneuverability, and optimized handling. UHP tires feature a wider tread surface and are made with a very sticky tread compound. This combined with their short sidewall allows the tire to maximize handling without losing any responsiveness.

Ultra High Performance tires are available from models like Hankook, Yokohama, General Tire, Toyo Tires, Continental and Michelin to name a few.

Are Ultra High Performance Tires For You?

If you are a lover of speed and want to take full advantage of your vehicle then ultra-high performance tires are the tires for you! The speed ratings for UHP tires range from Z 240+ km/h to W, Y and (Y) for 300+ km/h which will give you the ability to test your vehicle and driving skills.

Unique Tread Patterns

Ultra-High Performance tires feature tread patterns that either appear as the traditional wide grooves or in a V shape. These grooves channel water away from the front of the tire to keep the largest area possible in contact with the road to prevent hydroplaning.

You will also notice, when driving with Ultra-High Performance tires that the shoulder area of the tire will have large tread blocks or be solid to provide maximum grip on the road when turning a hard corner. Aside from the functionality Ultra-High Performance tires show a distinctive look on every vehicle due to the low profile (sitting low to the ground).

 Ultra-High Performance Tires: Considerations

In order to ensure the desired performance UHP tires give you a stiffer ride which gives you a better feel for the road as you drive. Ultra-High Performance tires are similar to racing tires, where some manufacturers add a nylon overlay to the belt package to ensure the tire does not start to distort from the centrifugal forces at high speeds.